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Days of Our Lives.

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 21, 2010, 12:32 AM

Christopher Joseph Ramos


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Here i am, back to the deviant scene. I guess the energy just couldnt keep me away. In all honesty i decided about a month back that i didnt want to leave. i just needed to gather myself together in order to do so properly. I really do love it here and for that sole reason only am i staying here. The need for this place outweighs... well. the other stuff. i plan on trying to get back into the swing of things as soon as possible; i really dont want to just let my profile sit here and spoil in itself.

           And i really appreciate the comments that people left me on my last depressing journal. regardless of what each of you said, it all meant something. Its almost four in the morning right now and im not the slightest bit tired and that bugs me. I always have trouble sleeping and its depressing. I always sleep when my dog is upstairs with me, though. Maybe i just hate feeling alone. Or just knowing that i really am, without my dog and ferrets. Thats pretty pathetic isnt it? Just rereading this makes me ill.

           Either way, im turning around on DA and going to continue what i started almost three years ago which is something that i love to do. Thank you all who watch me and support my work. It isnt unnoticed.



:thumb145103796: Cute thief by Allerlei YEAH by Yukkabelle
I love these two little bandits.

:thumb138098177::thumb151067222: Sad Song by GiZmO0o
Some personal favorites at the moment. Please show your appreciation for the artists and their great work.

...And here we go again.

I guess im going to try and get things going again. The lack of camera really puts a damper on that though. Both my and my fathers canon rebels have just. stopped working. so if you're on the market for a decent camera i would suggest another product. Apparently rebels are well known for suspiciously and spontaneously breaking down for some reason. I would go with nikon. So i guess this just means ill have to steal my mothers little dinky pink sony cyber-shot in order to get any shots at all. This is what im left with, thank you canon. We'll just have to see how things play out. I plan on skipping classes this upcoming monday just to have the whole day to take shots. Hopefully all goes well and i end the day with atleast one captive and usable shot. But that rarely ever happens since im so particular. I wish you all the best,


You left the light on.

Ignoring the words of your obnoxious little brother.

Simple & Clean.
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i probably wont be coming back here. im tired of this. i dont need to feel this.
ill eventually shut down my profile. i just dont want this. i cant take it anymore.